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Skiing in the woods somewhere


February has been the best month for snow in New England in over a year. We had that blizzard which was cool and there have been consistent smaller storms just about every week.

Ski Touring on Magic Mountain

Ski Touring Magic Mountain

Thanks to the recent boom in backcountry skiing, many resorts have come to their senses and created uphill traffic policies. As skiing becomes more expensive, the thought of getting away from the crowds at resorts and putting in some good old fashioned work to get to the top of the mountain is an appealing idea for more and more people, including me. Last weekend it was time again to pick a destination and get after it, free of charge.

Mount Cardigan Ski Trip Report



Quality over quantity


It seems every year I extend my season and ride more, both on dirt and the road. Now that fall is here it's time to get creative with the limited amount of daylight I have to work with. In the past two weeks I've got out on two epic mountain bike rides thanks to the ever growing connections of being a member of team NEMBA.

Bradbury 12 Race Recap 2012

Bradbury 12

Kevin and I signed up in the "Double Single" category, a 2 person singlespeed team at this years Bradbury 12 in Maine. You can read his recap here, it's good. This would be the first 12 hour race for both of us.

Lifecycle Adventures California Wine Country Cycling Tour Recap, part 2

Sonoma CA

Note: This is part 2 of my California wine country bike tour recap. You can read part one here

Lifecycle Adventures California Wine Country Cycling Tour Recap

Lifecycle Adventures Guidebook

I have been recapping this trip in my head for months. Now that Summer is over, I finally found time to write it all down, here we go....

Singlespeed USA 2012, Stowe Vermont


It's been a great year for singlespeed specific races/events for me and the East Coast in general. First we had Singlespeed-a-palooza in New York and this past weekend Stowe VT and played host to Singlespeed USA.

NEMBAFest at Kingdom Trails 2012

Kingdom Trails

If you're sick of hearing about NEMBAFest by now, stop reading right now because I finally got around to recapping the weekend. Or if you can't get enough, you can always check out the great photos on Facebook, Mark's recap and/or Kevin's too if.

The Pinnacle Race Recap 2012 - EFTA #3


So there's nothing quite like mountain bicycling racing to bring me back to reality on how out of shape I am. This was my third year in a row at The Pinnacle. Year one, I was just happy to be there, back on my new bike. Last year I had fun (?) at least it sounds that way if you read the recap. This year was not fun...but that's ok! Not sure how I did it, but I think I peaked in April - oops. Felt pretty strong at Single-speed-apalooza and thought that might set me up for future "good" races - nope.

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